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You may have no problem getting new customers, but find it hard to build a predictable system that gets your business new customers. To grow your business and increase the customer reach, many think they have to choose between two old-fashioned marketing alternatives.

One is to focus on advertising and spend money on it. Unfortunately, this can cause your brand to cheapen with many paid ads. You are also at risk of attracting the wrong target audience. The second option is to hire another staff member, but this can be expensive for your business.

Luckily, we have a third option for you that is now the most effective component of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. This is using your website as the salesperson. Statistics show that seventy percent of search engine browsers always click on the organic search results on search engines instead of the advertisements at the top. Aidan SEO specializes in developing search engine optimization campaigns for service based & small businesses. These campaigns consist of capturing as much relevant traffic from search engines, especially Google, Bing & Yahoo, as possible.

Deciding Between SEO Agencies In Virginia

If you have found our page, it means you used Google to search for “SEO Virginia” or another related keyword. You were able to find us because of our ranking in searches. We will do the same for your company using target search phrases for your business. We begin by developing a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Aidan SEO agency is in business to grow your brand by increasing traffic. Our company uses the white hat SEO process that ensures your website receives suitable rankings over periods. This way, your website does not get ranking penalties because of Google’s changing algorithm. Aidan SEO utilizes this search engine optimization approach because it increases the visibility of your site and gets you more clicks.

Our Virginia Search Engine Optimization Process

We understand that Virginia is very competitive when it comes to SEO. The Aidan SEO team begins the SEO campaign by identifying and recognizing the competitors of our customers. We do this extensive market research to find out information such as domain ratings and identify what and how much work we have to do to compete with competitors. We start the SEO campaign process once we have all the data of the competition, which the SEO process looks like:

Fixing On-Site Technical issues

Before making any changes or adding to your website, we first conduct an website SEO audit to determine if it is functional. The analysis looks for any problems or issues that your site has that may affect the SEO process in the future. Some of the common issues on sites include site structure, domain redirects, schema mark up, site security, thin content, and site speed. We fix all the problems and have the website up and working.

Adding Local Content To Your Site

Our Aidan SEO experts will add content that uses specific keywords to your website. The keywords are based on what your clients search on Google. We write long content for our clients to ensure we get the rankings we want. SEO in our current age is all about adding relevant content to your site, which is good and evergreen.

Create A Campaign For Link Building

Once you have your content, you will need to power up your domain rating. Increasing the domain rating means all the good content that you have uploaded on your website ranks higher on search engines. You can also add links to your website if you want a higher ranking on search engines. Our white-hat link building approach obtains backlinks through prospecting and outreach campaigns, resulting in link placement on industry and locally relevant websites. Throughout the campaign, we monitor your campaign & deliver monthly reports on your vital KPI metrics. Our team monitors things such as Google My Business, Keyword Search Ranking, and Webmaster Tools data.

Begin Improving Your SEO Position Today

If you want to grow your business in Virginia today by adding a digital marketing strategy, begin by giving us a call or completing a service request. You can find out more about Aidan SEO what we do and what we can do specifically for your business. Our agency specializes in marketing for home services, medical companies, professionals, dentists, and legal firms. Throughout Virginia, we have legitimate rankings, and it will not be much for our company to ensure you site ranks among the top. Feel free to contact us now and get the ball rolling on a customized SEO marketing campaign.

Areas Of Virginia We Provide SEO Marketing

  • Virginia Beach VA
  • Norfolk VA
  • Chesapeake VA
  • Richmond VA
  • Petersonburg VA

Pricing For Quality SEO Services

Before hiring us? You may wonder how much SEO costs. It is essential to note that every business is diverse and have their own challenges when it comes to SEO. Our pricing process begins by conducting an extensive competitor analysis.

Aidan SEO campaigns are usually carried out for a certain period and with one total cost for the whole period. The total price is then broken down to monthly payments for you. For instance, after doing competitor analysis and we determine that we will require three hundred hours to work on SEO for your business; we will bill our services at 100 dollars per hour. This means that your total cost will be $ 30 000 for the campaign and we will break this down to monthly payments.

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