Accountant & CPA Firm Local SEO Service

Search engine traffic represents the bread and butter for many businesses in their attempts to gain new clients. But can you guess how many results come up when a potential client enters a search query for ‘accounting firm?’ Approximately 28 million.

This makes it important for you as the business owner to understand how to get noticed when a potential client is searching for the services your firm provides. Contact us today to determine your websites current visibility.

Importance of SEO for Accounting Firms

The internet is capable of providing potential clients with a seemingly infinite amount of information in just a few seconds. These potential clients are provided with information and reviews of your company, as well as, your competitors. They are able to gain intel on multiple accounting firms and determine which is closer to where they work and live.

Your goal should be for your accounting firm to show up on page one of the search rankings. And with over 200 factors contributing to search engine rankings, this goal requires a little effort to attain. Contact us today for an SEO analysis to determine your current standing and how to improve your website rank.

Use SEO to Improve Organic Results for Accountants

It is not difficult to understand you must show up in the search results of major search engines to drive traffic to your firm’s website. You will need to use SEO tactics to accomplish this. SEO is a cost-effective strategy for marketing and will place your firm’s website in a position to be visited by potential customers. Additionally, websites that make proper use of SEO strategies position themselves for long-term success and visibility.

Local Search Results

Organic local SEO traffic is the lifeline of your business. For this reason, we focus on local optimization for the clients we serve. When your website is optimized to include the words and phrases your customers are most likely to search for, your website will climb closer to the top of search engine rankings.

Lead Generation

When you identify the ideal clientele for your business and partner this with a website that is properly optimized, you will increase the type of traffic your business needs to prosper. When we perform services for your company, our marketing efforts will center around driving the perfect traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization Benefits for Accounting and CPA Firms

There are a number of tangible benefits to your firm when you take the time to employ SEO strategies. Among these benefits are:

Higher Visibility

Be seen online when potential customers search for your services.

Increase Revenue

Grow your business while maximizing your return on investment.

Out-Rank The Competition

You will be seen before the competition in search rankings.

Generate Leads

Attain high-quality leads that will become customers.

Areas We Provide CPA SEO Service

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Why Aidan SEO is the Right Choice For Your Accounting Company

Aidan SEO is experienced in providing digital marketing services for companies in the accounting and financial industry. The SEO experts at our company understand how potential clients will interact with your website. We understand the SEO practices that will work best for the accounting industry as a whole and will provide a tailor-made plan to benefit your company. Possibilities include social media marketing, pay per click advertising, and services for online management.

Whether your company provides financial planning, audits for businesses, or tax planning services, we will work with you to achieve the ultimate goal: Assure potential clients find your company’s website in a top spot in search engine results.

At Aidan SEO, we see ourselves as an extension of your brand and will work to raise the online visibility of your company. We also pride ourselves on converting the potential clients that visit your website into customers for your business.

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