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To find new customers, you need a reliable system. You can throw your money at ads, but the results are unpredictable. Some potential customers are even turned off by paid ads. Ads can also appeal to the wrong people. Just because an ad gets attention doesn’t mean it gets the right attention. Your strategy needs to attract the right demographic. Well-done SEO brings real customers to you.

There’s another, but equally problematic, option. Hire a salesperson. That brings even more headaches: paying a salary, choosing a benefits package, commission, training — all without any guarantee that the employee will work out. Those aren’t your only options, though.

Atlanta SEO Services - The Best Option

Do you want a salesperson who hustles 24/7 while representing your business perfectly? You can have that — in the form of your website. A great website sells while you’re asleep, but only if people can find it.

The majority of web traffic comes from search engines. More importantly, it comes organically. People skip past the paid ads at the top of search results. Nobody likes being confronted with blatant selling. Instead, they want to choose products and services on their terms.

We at Aidan SEO know how to market your website in a subtle but powerful way. It won’t even look like advertising. The Atlanta search engine optimization services we utilize help you reel in the right customers naturally.

Is Our Atlanta SEO Agency Right For You?

No matter the size or type of your business, we’ll make SEO work for you. Before you know it, your website will be seeing organic traffic straight from Google’s search listings. The fact that you’re on this page right now proves that we’re good at what we do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have found us. We’ll do for you what we’ve already done for ourselves. When people search for information about businesses like yours, you’ll show up on top.

We don’t hand out one-size-fits-all campaigns. Each plan is fully customized. We’ll implement the plan for you so you can focus on your business. At Aidan SEO, we use white hat SEO tactics. That means that we don’t do any scummy, tricky things to get you a temporary boost in the rankings. Instead, we create something called evergreen content.

Evergreen content stays relevant indefinitely. With that kind of long-lasting content, Google will continue sending you traffic far into the future. You won’t have to continually chase the whims of whatever search algorithms are doing on a given day.

Small Businesses That Use Our SEO Marketing Services

No matter the size or type of your business, we’ll make SEO work for you. Before you know it, your website will be seeing organic traffic straight from Google’s search listings.

The Process Behind Our Atlanta Local SEO Strategy

SEO competition in Atlanta is intense. That’s why, when you start working with us, we research your competition. We sniff out every detail including competitor website performance, competitor keyword coverage, and data to beat competitors on every metric.

Technical SEO Fixes

We go through an extensive website SEO analysis to look for any possible tech issues. Some SEO problems are actually technical problems. Business websites often have hidden structural problems that eat into their SEO value.

Problems like slow loading time, lack of mobile compatibility, and website security lower your site’s Google ranking. Search algorithms reward fast, mobile-ready, secure websites. Our Atlanta Internet marketing agency will get your website in top technical shape.

Local SEO Relevant Content

Once we’ve fixed the on site optimization problems, we focus on content.

As mentioned above, we create evergreen content. We work develop content around high-volume & relevant search phrases to ensure your page appears when customers are looking for your sort of business.

Most of the content we provide is on the longer side, though it depends on the niche. Google local SEO Atlanta algorithms tends to rank long, information-dense content highly — in-depth content demonstrates expertise.

Authoritative Backlinks

When another website links to your business site, that’s called a backlink. Google algorithms treat backlinks as proof of expertise. If other people value your content, it must be good.

We build authoritative backlinks using a handful of techniques. We work with SEO networks and partners. We’ll also work to place your backlinks on relevant Atlanta-area websites. We may even find websites willing to feature your business in articles.

Affordable SEO Pricing

How much do SEO services cost in Atlanta? It depends, each business is different with its unique strengths and needs. We’ll assess your business individually before determining the extent of your personalized campaign.

We use competitor assessments & website analysis to determine what will get you to the top of search rankings. We then calculate an estimate of how many hours we’ll need to complete your entire SEO campaign. Once we know that, we can determine the total cost and monthly payment plan.

Start Your Custom Atlanta SEO Marketing Campaign Today

Regardless if your company is based in downtown ATL, or one of the surrounding cities of Atlanta, Georgia, our Atlanta SEO services company can help you reach your customers. Below are some of our extended service areas, like Duluth SEO, but not limited to those on the list.

  • Marietta GA
  • Roswell GA
  • Duluth GA
  • Fayetteville GA

  • Douglasville GA
  • Smyrna GA
  • Sandy Springs GA
  • Jonesboro GA

Transparent Communication From Our Atlanta SEO Firm

Our Atlanta SEM agency keeps on top of the campaigns we create. You won’t have to wonder what’s happening with your SEO service Atlanta. We’ll regularly report back to you about your key performance indicators including keyword rankings, total keyword coverage, traffic levels and leads generated. When we update you with data from Google Analytics, Google My Business, and more, you’ll see significant progress in clear terms.

Get started, contact us today to learn how we’ll get you to the top of Atlanta search results.

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