Content Marketing Services

Content marketing consists of first analyzing the content your website already consists of, then comparing it to the content of your top competitors websites, and creating new content to close any found content gaps. After all existing content gaps are filled, we create location (city specific) based, and industry (brand or service specific) based content to further expand your keyword coverage.

Contact us today and we will perform a competitive content analysis to determine if there are any holes in your current content marketing strategy.

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What is the benefit of content analysis, creation & marketing? There are many benefits to having an analysis of your content, creating more, and marketing your content. First, analyzing your content helps us determine if your website has as much content as your top competitors. We then create new content to fill any content gaps between your site and your competitors, and additional new content to go beyond your competitors.

By creating new relevant content, we increase the amount of relevant keywords and search phrases your company website appears for.
After creation, we syndicate your content which is one of our link building methods.

Promoting Content After It's Created

Once the content is created, we begin a process called content syndication. During content syndication we replicate your on-site content to other formats so they can be shared on other platforms.

There are many examples of this, including re-purposing the content to be posted on blog or web 2.0 platforms, converting the content to PDF & PowerPoint to be shared on presentation sharing websites, creating a video version of your content for video sharing sites like YouTube & Vimeo, social media sharing and more. This process of content syndication not only helps get referral traffic from these other audiences, it helps boost your brand authority which in turns helps improve ranks!

Maximizing Relevant Organic Traffic

In order to maximize relevant organic search traffic, we ignore irrelevant content topics. During our process of searching for missing content opportunities, we discard any content topics that doesn’t match you business SEO objectives.

Many SEO companies don’t follow this rule, and will create content that increases traffic, but not the bottom line. Using our approach, you appear specifically for keywords and search phrases that you want to, and don’t receive traffic for the sake of traffic.

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