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The main problem you have in your firm is not acquiring new customers, but creating a system that acquires new customers for you. You can use two traditional marketing options to grow the company. First, you can spend loads of money on paid adverts, which can potentially affect your brand by cheapening it. This type of marketing can also attract the wrong audience to your business.

How did you get to this page? You searched on Google, Bing & Yahoo “Maryland SEO”, and you found us among the top ranks. This is what we will do for your business once you hire us. We will use target search phrases for your business to drive a competitive marketing campaign.

The second option you have is to hire new employees, but this is not a practical option because it is expensive. Here at Aidan SEO, we have faith in choosing the third option that is investing in your website. Your website is probably the strongest salesperson you can have to gain customers. Research shows that close to seventy percent of browsers click on organic listings as opposed to ads that appear at the top of the page. Aidan SEO is an institution that develops and creates digital marketing campaigns for businesses and enterprises.

Get A Custom SEO Marketing Strategy

Aidan SEO agency is in business to grow your brand by increasing traffic. Our company uses the white hat SEO process that ensures your website receives suitable rankings over periods. This way, your website does not get ranking penalties because of Google’s changing algorithm. Aidan SEO utilizes this search engine optimization approach because it increases the visibility of your site and gets you more clicks.

Our Approach to SEO in Maryland

Maryland region can be very competitive when it comes to SEO, and we understand this. Our SEO process starts with in-depth research of the area and the leading competitors. We perform this research to identify what your competitors are doing and the amount of work we have to put in to beat them. Once we have gathered all the data on your competitors, we begin the SEO process, which is as follows.

Fixing Your Website

Before making any changes or additions, we audit your website to determine if it is an issue. The analysis looks for any problems or issues that your site has that may affect the SEO process in the future. Some of the common issues on sites include site structure, domain redirects, schema mark up, site security, thin content, and site speed. We fix all the problems and have the website up and working.

Adding Relevant Content

After fixing the technical issues, our SEO experts proceeds to add optimized content that is relevant to your website, either with location or industry relevance. This content consists of specific keywords that your clients use when using search engines. We make sure that the content we add is longer to make sure we rank high and become more visible on search engines.

Creating Citations & Backlinks

Adding content to your site is excellent, but you need to increase the domain rating of the site as well. The domain rating is essential because it ensures the content you have in the site ranks higher in Google’s search engine. We can also add backlinks to the site to increase its ranking. We get our backlinks through form our networks, but you can also get them from your local area by prospecting links. Additionally, you can add your site to other websites in that clients can click back to your website from there.

Our Aidan SEO team also monitors the SEO campaign and delivers monthly reporting. Some of the things we monitor include:

  • Google My Business data
  • Google Analytics data
  • Google Search Rankings

The Cost Of SEO

The price of SEO in Maryland will vary with every business because each has its challenges when it comes to search engine optimization. If we want to identify the price of engaging in SEO in Maryland for a business, we begin by comprehensive competitor analysis.

We price our SEO campaigns according to the time taken with a total cost for the whole period. The cost is usually broken down into monthly installments. For example, we conduct a competitor analysis and find that we will need to work for 150 hours to complete the full service. In this case, we will bill at 175 dollars per hour. For the whole SEO campaign, you will be paying twenty six thousand dollars, which is now broken down to monthly payments.

Start Your SEO Campaign Today

If you are in Maryland and would like to add a digital marketing strategy to your business, feel free to contact us. You can contact us to get more insight into what we do and what we can do for your company. We specialize in marketing for companies in all niches from legal firms, dentists, home services to professionals.

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69% of Revenue Share from Organic Traffic Leads

69% of Revenue Share from Organic Traffic Leads

Organic Traffic SEO Case Studies

33% Organic Lead Growth in First Month

33% Organic Lead Growth in First Month

Lead Generation Organic Traffic SEO Case Studies

New Business Lead Generation Growth

New Business Lead Generation Growth

Lead Generation SEO Case Studies