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When someone is looking for a lawyer, chances are that they will turn to the internet to help them in their search. According to statistics, 97% of people who need an attorney or other services will do an online search for one in their area. If you search for law services in your area and your firm is not on the first page of results, then it’s easy to assume that you’re missing out on many client opportunities. 


Lawyer SEO

How can you start pulling in more clients and providing them with the law services that they need? The answer is listing high on Google search results. Your law firm needs to be on the first page of the results and, the closer to the top the better. This is where Aidan SEO can help! Keep reading to learn more about the SEO services that we offer and how they can help your law firm dominate your local industry. 

Are you ready to start drawing in new clients all with the use of the internet? If so, contact Aidan SEO right now to talk to one of our trained team members. 

Do Attorneys Truly See Results with SEO?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! While implementing search engine optimization is not always a simple or easy process, it is certainly worth all the work. With the use of fresh content, special codes, and link building, you can see your law firm receive significant growth within months of implementing the techniques. Some firms have seen an increase in online traffic by over 850% after using SEO on their sites.

Legal Marketing That Produces Sustainable Results

At Aidan SEO, we provide a clear view our marketing for lawyers strategy to increase your rankings in search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. We deliver professional service by experienced SEO experts. Within three months of our  search engine optimization service, you can expect all of the following:

  • Unique Local Legal Firm Content For Improved Ranking
  • Consistent Company NAP Information On All Business Listings
  • Unique Titles, Meta Descriptions, Content & Image Optimization
  • More Organic Traffic & Relevant Leads From Your Website
  • More Business Citations & Location / Industry Specific Backlinks
  • Improved Reviews & Testimonials from Your Clients

The Steps Involved in Our Law Firm SEO

Discovering Your Website Potential

Our team begins by analyzing your entire website and discovering the areas where your legal site is failing. Through our measurements, we find the ways that your current online presence is impacting potential clients and where you have room for improvement. By understanding each law firm that we serve, we can get a better grasp of the techniques that will best draw in the largest number of clients. With our intense evaluation, we not only develop a game plan for successful law firm SEO that will work specifically for you, but also put together data tracking along with suggestions that you can use to boost your rankings.

Not only will we study your legal site, but we will also get a good grasp on your competition and the ways that they are beating you in search results. Aidan SEO will target the ways that your rival firms are ranking higher and then work to make yours more appealing to search engines. 

Making Changes to Your Law Firm Website

After our audit is complete, we will use the information that we’ve discovered to create a game plan for SEO for your law firm. Armed with a complete understanding of your weaknesses and strengths, we will seek to make your online presence the best possible. Once our plan is in place, we will begin to make the necessary changes. From adding fresh and keyword rich content to properly coding your information, we will strive to boost your website on search engine results. 

Generally, good law firm SEO includes changing website titles and meta tags, renaming some pages, making structure chances, increasing the speed of a website’s load time, adding content that targets those in your area, and adding new coding.

Uploading the New Content

After gathering new copy that is full of keywords and rich in content, Aidan SEO will then upload it to your existing lawyer website. Sometimes we may find it necessary to create new pages to draw in additional traffic. We understand that Google ranks each individual page of content, so new pages are likely what you need to draw in additional clients. 

While some people are uncertain about adding extra website pages, we know how to add the right amount without overwhelming readers. We like to think of a website as being a lot like fishing – the more hooks you have in the water, the more likely you are to catch a fish! Blogs are also a great technique that can be used to draw in more visitors while setting your firm up as an authority in your industry. Research has showed that a blog can boost a website and increase its online chances by a whopping 434%!

Increasing Your Online Visibility

While a website is a great starting point for online success, it is just the start. To guarantee that your website lists highest on search engine results, we realize that you need to be properly linked to other pages. Aidan SEO will ensure that your attorney site is linked to reputable sites such as The BBB, local directories, and chambers of commerce. 

Here at Aidan SEO, we are passionate about providing quality SEO for lawyers and attorneys. If you have a firm that is struggling to reach your online potential, contact us today for an evaluation. We are excited about helping you discover online success and gain the best possible results from your website. 

Our Process for Lawyer SEO

As the owner of your own law firm, you are probably used to hearing from SEO companies that promise the world, ensuring you that they can help your firm get to the top of Google results. Too often, these companies are more anxious to take your money than actually provide your firm with solid SEO results. This is not the case with Aidan SEO. Our team is truly made up of law firm SEO experts that can help you to achieve the greatest online success with your law firm. We understand that lawyers need a website that contains code that is easy for search engines to navigate, website copy that helps set you forward as an authority in your industry, and links that ensure your authority. At Aidan SEO, we use all of these techniques to help your firm move to the top! 

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69% of Revenue Share from Organic Traffic Leads

69% of Revenue Share from Organic Traffic Leads

Organic Traffic SEO Case Studies

33% Organic Lead Growth in First Month

33% Organic Lead Growth in First Month

Lead Generation Organic Traffic SEO Case Studies

New Business Lead Generation Growth

New Business Lead Generation Growth

Lead Generation SEO Case Studies