SEO Competitive Analysis

What is Competitor Analysis?

Performing a competitive analysis of your SEO competitors is a vital step of our tri-fold search engine optimization strategy. Our competitive analysis process includes comparing the backlink profile, on-site content optimization & content gaps, and technical SEO aspects like Page Speed between your website and the top industry competitors holding top ranking positions for your desired keywords & search phrases.

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SEO Competitive Analysis

Structural & Technical SEO Comparison

We start by performing a structural & technical SEO audit on your website and top SEO competitors in your industry. This way we can determine whether page speed issues, URL structure, image optimization, CDN implementation, or slow load times are effecting your search performance. Once your website SEO audit is completed, we will fix any technical SEO issues effecting your site performance, like page titles, meta description tags, and image optimization then create additional content for your website to fill any content gaps to increase the number of relevant keyword search phrases your site appears for.

Competitive Analysis Of On Site Content

After we’ve compared technical and site performance scores, we examine the on site content of your site versus your top competitors. This analysis reveals what relevant search terms your competition is appearing for in search results that you aren’t. By comparing not just against one competitor, but all the first page competitors, we’re able to come up with a content marketing strategy to achieve the highest possible visibility for your geographic area and industry.

Backlink Profile Analysis of Top Competitors

When analyzing the profile of backlinks between your site and competitors we identify missed backlink opportunities, like location-specific business listing, industry specific directories, guest blog opportunities, and more backlink building options. Once these backlink opportunities have been found, we build the high quality links from your top competitors while discarding the low quality back links. We call this our Bruce Lee approach to Link Building!
Backlink Profile Analysis for SEO

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