Link Building Services

Backlinks, and your website’s backlink profile specifically, are one of the top ranking factors, even in 2019. Link building is the process of finding relevant backlink opportunities, whether that be local directories, blogs, influencers, or industry publications, and meeting the publishers specific requirements to earn a link placement or business mention on their website.

Backlink Profile Analysis & Clean Up

Before we start building backlinks for your business, we first pull your backlink profile and determine if they’re are any bad links in there. Bad backlinks are typically from spammy websites that get no organic traffic, and have manual penalties already effecting them.

Once we get a list of bad backlinks, we create a disavow list to be added to your Google, Bing & Yahoo webmaster dashboards, so the search engines won’t take these links into account when determining your rank. The remaining good links in your profile gives us an idea of where you stand in comparison to your competitors.

What Is A "Backlink" And Why Are They So Important?

Backlinks are one of the most critical ranking factors, even in 2019. Simply put, a backlink is when a website creates a hyperlink on one of their pages pointing back to you site. By counting the number of backlinks sites have, search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo are able to determine which websites are authorities in their field, and order search results respectively.

Imagine standing in a room full of people and asking “who’s the best SEO?” If 100 people point at Aidan SEO, and only 10 point at a random stranger, it’s clear what the consensus is. That’s what backlinks are & how they work!

Part of our SEO service is an audit of your website and a competitor analysis. This helps us determine if a lack of backlinks is what’s causing your performance issues, or if there are other problem areas, like content.

Guest Blogging & Sponsored Posts To Build Backlinks

All link building services offered by Aidan SEO are considered “white hat” backlink building, which essentially means building backlinks that won’t put at risk for a Google manual penalty or algorithm update penalty. For local businesses, many of these links can include niche directories which cater to either an industry specific or location specific audience. Our content syndication technique used in our content marketing services also helps with back-links by making it accessible on other sides in difference formats.

We also perform genuine manual outreach to get links from relevant bloggers, influencers, and publications. We determine our link building strategy after we first do a competitive analysis of your top search engine rivals, so our exact approach varies case-by-case.

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