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SEO consultants have their work cut out for them. Being veterans in the field, SEO consulting has taught us several things like identifying with businesses and learn where they came from as well as where they want to go.

It’s important to connect and understand your business because there are no real freebies as an entrepreneur. You’re not going step out on your doorstep and have answers to your questions tossed at you like confetti at a parade.

How can you maximize your marketing resources? Spend more in billboards? Search Engine Optimization? Paid online advertising? Television Commercials? What content will resonate with my audience? One thing is for sure, marketing is still the biggest mystery for most entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Capital is not the only investment marketing requires. Do you have proper resources? Is your brand messaging in sync across all platforms? Fortunately, you’re not the only business who struggles with these queries. In fact, many business owners at some point have these questions.

What Is On Page SEO?

Traditionally, in the past, it was a norm for quotes to come from numerous sources. Nowadays, with the power of IoT and advancing technology, we have instant access to the information we need. This cut back-and-forth negotiations with salespeople down drastically. If you wanted to buy a new home, you would likely only need to consult 1 or 2 brokers before finding your match. This is a perfect transition in a common question asked by our clients: How can my company be found by customers?

As top consultants, we’ve seen it all. Not to mention our diverse group of analytic and SEO experts. We could call ourselves SEO experts, but it’s not something we at Aidan SEO prefer. With an incredible success record and an impressive client list, we are considered seasoned advertising and marketing specialists. Our services have helped both large and small businesses expand, grow and become more successful.

Truth is, we are among the best SEO consulting firms. We’ve tackled mountains and mowed lawns, so no project will easily scare us off. For any digital marketing challenge or inquiry, we look forward to talking with you and helping you find that mystery answer for your business.

How To Choose The Best NYC SEO Consultant

Successful SEO relies on generating captivating content and getting it in front of your target audience. This means the type of SEO company you hire should be capable of concentrating on both content marketing and promotional strategies. Aside from the technical stuff, SEO is considered a digital popularity contest. Who knew the cool kid would win?

The same methods developers and SEO experts used a decade ago will not cut it in today’s world of evolving search engines. Making sure your keywords, meta-tags and other back-end optimization tasks is essentially now basic maintenance.

Search engines, especially the big ones like Google keep users coming back to their search engines by providing them with exactly what they are looking for when they need it. So you can look at a generalized overview of categorizing users into two labels:

Happy Users: These are surfers who were able to find their answers quickly, most likely on the first page.

Non-Happy Users: These unhappy campers have to browse through multiple pages before eventually finding what they are looking for.

Google is constantly looking for ways to improve their user experience, which is one of the main reasons they use over 200 metrics or ranking factors to determine page relevance when matching users to content. What this means is that your marketing strategies have to incorporate many of these factors so that Google’s search bots can properly read your website and ensure accurate ranking in their Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Key indicating factors should include:

Content Relevancy: Accomplished through effective content marketing.

Link Authority: Achieved through effective Online Link Building, Directory and Citation Management & Content Marketing.

Link Relevancy: Obtain through proper Online Outreach/PR and Content Marketing.

On Page SEO Factors

From start to finish, at Aidan SEO, we work with you to understand your expectations and ensure our goals are on the same page. Transparency in our process helps you keep an overview and also where your hard-earned resources are going. We do this because we do not just say we are a trustable company. We keep our front door open and unlocked. If you have a question or concern, it becomes our problem. This means we work hard, fast and efficient to make sure the project is done right from the very beginning.

Since SEO is not an overnight success story and is more of a long-term investment, it can take months before results start pouring in. The real-time range before you can see results will vary and depend on a few different influences that we uncover during our initial search engine optimization audit:

  • Current state of website
  • Competitiveness of target keywords
  • Past or pending penalties

This list keeps going and going. Keep in mind, Google uses over 200 ranking factors to decide what webpages will rank where and for what terms they rank for. When speaking with digital marketing consultants, some common questions you will come across will be:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How long have you have your website?
  • Have you used or are you currently using any SEO services?
  • Did you experience any sudden drop in keywords you were ranking well for?
  • How many new leads is your website generating per month currently?

As seasoned search engine optimization experts and a top NYC SEO company, Aidan SEO has a firm grasp on what the 200 ranking factors Google uses are. We are confident that we are the among the best SEO providers and can bring your website to the first page. Our purpose is to properly build your online brand effectively creating long-term ROI. That’s what makes search optimization so amazing. It can take time before being able to covet that top spot, but if properly executed correctly the first time, your page can stay there.

SEO really does work, the secret to mastering it is positioning your online brand identity effectively and keeping your marketing efforts consistent.

Why On Page SEO Is Important

While most are still lost when it comes to what an online consultant NYC actually does, search engine optimization consultations are more than mere phone call lectures where you need to take notes for application at a later time. SEO consultants which also offer SEO services are able to take you from consult to execution, going beyond the phone and actually performing what needs to be done.

  • Unique Local Content For Improved Ranking
  • Consistent Company NAP Information On All Business Listings
  • Unique Titles, Meta Descriptions, Content & Image Optimization
  • More Organic Traffic & Relevant Leads From Your Website
  • More Citations & Location / Industry Specific Backlinks
  • Positive Reviews & Testimonials from Happy Patients

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